Workshop Overview

Habits exist because it helps your brain and body save energy on making decisions. This means that we are prone to enter repetitive behavioural loops. This is great news if the behaviours are beneficial, but terrible news if they are not!

In this workshop we present an overview of the key habits that are most likely to boost energy levels, productivity and wellbeing.

The workshop tasks encourage each participant to analyse their own habits, and explore how to shape them in the future.

What you will learn


What are habits anyway and why on earth do humans need them?

Growth Mindset

Understand how your thinking patterns affects your ability to grow

Energy levels

Better understand why sleep, rest, diet, exercise and meditation is important


Have a better sense for why you do what you do, and how to change it


Welbeing is critical to good habits and productivity – but why?


Understand how to schedule a weekly routine that works for you

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