Workshop Overview

Communication is not easy. First we have to make sense of our own thoughts and feelings, and then somehow simulate other peoples thoughts and feelings, and then somehow decide on an appropriate set of words to use to get those thoughts and feelings across. It can often feel like 4D chess! 

But the truth is, people can’t collaborate effectively without communicating effectively – which can be financially costly. Many companies spend as much as 17 hours per week time dealing with problems caused by ineffective communication (HRDQ)

This workshop presents an overview of the research on good communication practices, while allowing participants to practice the techniques.

What you will learn


Communication is the cornerstone to good collaboration

Speaking Skills

How to share your thoughts to ensure other’s carry that information away

Understanding others

Humans are the most complicated organisms in the universe. Go easy!

LIstening Skills

Most communication breaks down because people don’t listen properly. 

Critical Feedback

Constructive criticism is central to growth. But how to make it less painful?

Conflict Resolution

People whom work together inevitably disagree. How do you navigate that?

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