Why Sapien?

The formal taxa of our species is “Homo Sapien” – which is Latin for “Wise Human”. We chose this name because our goal is to build wise systems that work optimally for human beings – grounded in empathy and scientific principles.

The direction of human civilization can be seen as one of gradually improved productivity, knowledge and wisdom. For better or worse, this process has always been a competitive one. Those whom make use of the latest technologies and tools, race ahead, and those whom don’t, fall behind. At Sapien we provide cognitive technologies – improved ways of thinking and interacting – which can greatly impact many aspects of work.

We think that human beings are best understood as sentient biological computers with hopes, dreams, needs, perspectives and limitations – whom draw resources from  their environments to make their visions a reality. At Sapien we want to ensure that people can make the most of their abilities and drives, and support them in making the best decisions and output possible.

Marco Vega

Founder, Business Consultant

Marco has a background in cognitive neuroscience and political philosophy. As a student he was passionate about using technology for self-improvement, leading him to create a short film on Transhumanism. He later quit his PhD to found his first startup, Nootropics.com, a web-platform for cognitive enhancers.

He then started working in organizational development, where he noticed that much of business is unaware of key research on human cognition, decision-making, communication and productivity.

For Marco, Sapien is a passion project. His ultimate goal is to help create organizations that make use of up-to-date research in human sciences to make more collaborative, productive and happy workplaces.